The pair share a joint passion for customer led solutions and innovation

What’s happening?

Zego and QBE are expanding their partnership and will start to insure people who use their own vehicle for commercial purposes. The incumbent carrier will now support Zego’s 30 day and flex policies for cars which cover the market of delivery drivers who work more than 25 hours per week.

This follows their initial partnership which officially began in August 2022 with the insurer backing Zego’s fleet insurance product. The insurtech will also work with partners to solidify their new offerings.

What the key players said

Jon Dye, Director of Underwriting for Motor at QBE said: “Earlier in the year, we were excited to partner with Zego to support [its] courier fleet portfolio.

“Zego’s innovation in the insurtech sector is very much aligned with QBE’s desire to modernise and use more data points to drive pricing, risk selection and customer insight”.

Sten Saar, Zego’s Chief Executive, added: “[This] news reflects the successful relationship we’ve enjoyed with QBE to date.

“Extending our partnership to deliver more tech enabled, behaviour led insurance products to these customers emphasises our and QBE’s passion for innovation around data and the benefits it can provide drivers – particularly in the current climate.

“We are excited to see our partnership with QBE evolve as we continue to build our customer proposition.”


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