What’s going on?

India’s Liberty General Insurance, partnered with Liberty Mutual, Enam Securities and DP Jindal, has launched an AI-powered platform that will supercharge its travel and motor insurance teams. It comes in response to a surge in vehicle sales and travel both in air and road.

As well as providing round-the-clock customer support, it will support the claims settlement process by providing simple and accurate assessments and calculating costs. Liberty General have also integrated it with their LivMobile phone app which allows customers to report claims, upload documents and photos, and find out their claims status.

What the key players said

“The platform will help us create a frictionless and smooth claim settlement experience for our customers. The automated platform will increase customer satisfaction and prove a differentiating factor when our channel partners pitch our service offerings,” said Mr Rahul Sharma, President – Claims of Liberty General Insurance.

Mr Roopam Asthana, CEO and Whole Time Director at Liberty General Insurance added that the company was ‘confident’ that the new system would ‘further our objective of providing a differentiated claims management experience to our policyholders’, and that they would ‘continue to evaluate and invest in’ new technologies to improve the experience of customers, partners, and stakeholders.

 Source: https://www.itij.com/latest/news/liberty-general-insurance-introduces-ai-claims-platform

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