Merlin Beyts, Head of Content for ITC Europe, met with Mark Allan, CEO of Ki Insurance during the world’s largest insurtech event, ITC Vegas 2022.

In this interview we dive into:

  • The biggest challenges facing Ki Insurance at the moment with a focus on ESG and how they are being tackled
  • The opportunities Mark sees in spite of those threats
  • What is the most positive trend in the market right now and what does this mean for insurers and insurtechs?
  • Which area of insurance is likely to face the most disruption over the next 2 – 3 years?
  • A deep dive into rising interest rates: To what extent will these offset some of the issues caused by geopolitical tension, climate change, cost of living crises?
  • There is no doubt that we are seeing a marked dip in investment levels this year, is this an ongoing trend or just a short term blip?
  • A look at the impact of the investment slowdown on technology choices made by insurers to enact change
  • Which technology is likely to create the most positive change in the industry?

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