The Insurance Innovators Unscripted

Whilst there hasn’t been a new podcast released since August 2021, this still acts as a really strongcompendium of ‘game changing insurance concepts, from the game changers themselves’. Hosted byAbel Travis, this educational – but still extremely enjoyable (it can be...

Insurtech Perspectives with Bolt

Ok, yes, this is an insurtech podcast hosted by an insurance agency, but host Fiona Mattesini does abrilliant job of focusing on how new digital technology is transforming the insurance industry – it’s notjust about Bolt themselves! Each episode is around 15-20...

Insurance Tomorrow

Brought to you by Allianz and Steph McGovern, this series balances macroeconomic trends with theunique challenges faced by the insurance industry. Whilst this often feels like more of a general businessor technology podcast, it also introduces some interesting and...

The Voice of Insurance

The thinking person’s podcast, offering plenty of reflection and intrigue from across the world ofinsurance. Like most, it brings together a fantastic collection of guests and industry royalty, but unlikemost it seeks to challenge the status quo and get people...

Insurance Covered Podcast

Peter Mansfield’s Insurance Covered, claims to be a short and easy to follow format and it’s exactly that!Whether you’ve been in the industry for years or brand new to the world of insurance, this is a greatway to get up-to-speed on the trends, the history of the...

The Insurance Podcast

Very much sat in the P&C sector, this podcast really pushes on driving change, innovation andtransformation in the insurance space. Hosts, Pete Tessier & Curt Wyatt are great at bringing in a diverserange of global brands from across the value chain (and...

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