What’s happening?

AXA has shown its commitment to a safer driving outcomes with the announcement of a partnership with Chung Shing Taxi and TaxiSafely. Vehicles will be equipped with TaxiSafely’s telematics devices which will monitor traffic conditions in real time and allow for regular analysis of large data sets to assess the safety of the fleets.

AXA will then be able to underwrite premiums based on the driving performance of the taxis and offer improved prices to those with better driving records.

What the key players said

Sally Wan, Chief Executive Officer, AXA Greater China, said, “AXA is deeply committed to fostering sustainability in Hong Kong. We are honoured to partner with Chung Shing Taxi and TaxiSafely to launch this innovative project, making a contribution to Hong Kong’s development of smart city and improvement of road safety. This brings to life AXA’s purpose – act for human progress by protecting what matters. Taxis play an important role in public transportation. We believe this partnership will benefit taxi drivers, passengers, all road users and also inspire other like-minded companies to join forces to improve overall road safety for the community.”

Antonio Wong, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of TaxiSafely, said, “With the support of Cyberport, we have established Hong Kong’s first telematics company focusing on taxi driving safety. We are honoured to collaborate with AXA and Chung Shing Taxi, the collaboration demonstrates a more extensive use of our solution in a wider range of everyday transportations. Through this collaboration, we wish to leverage our unique driving safety solution specially designed for roads in Hong Kong to enhance the overall driving safety and awareness of professional drivers, and in turn improve general road safety.”

Sonia Cheng, Executive Director of Chung Shing Taxi and the Founder of SynCab, said, “By collaborating with AXA and TaxiSafely, we look forward to best utilising data science to effectively enhance the safety standards of the taxi industry, and give greater peace of mind to taxi passengers. With the precise devices and data analysis, drivers from Chung Shing Taxi will not only enjoy more comprehensive protection, but also bring greater confidence to our passengers. We sincerely hope that the programme can be extended to more taxi fleets.”

Source: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/axa-joins-hands-chung-shing-065200083.html?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAACy6ZiAepmpp9laZMa7d6s7jzOMjykFF9sQoWYfYCXBjdOzyKCdzDevGDfZUQUIHjsAuItnLYp-z0vJRo273r50uAMv7h1hsxATRBDT_nYNOz6VaCMjEddPbVf5InwraPl4SWqdulk00obW1B-zxsSOVEkff_g8A4CGn0MVbF5jZ

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