10 Insurtech startups to watch out for in 2023 and beyond

We’re into the final quarter of an action-packed year for the insurtech space. While investment is lower than previous years there are still plenty of insurtechs knocking on the door, ready to make their mark on the insurance industry. There are still gaps in efficiency and customer experience so all types of insurtechs are still popping up, ready to drive innovation and positive change. So who will be the next disruptive forces in the industry? Who’s going to change the customer experience game? Who should you start considering for your next partnership? With the help of our friends at Sønr, we’ve listed 10 relative newcomers (in no particular order) who we think you should keep an eye on as we move into 2023. (Obviously this list isn’t exhaustive, there are loads of other amazing insurtechs out there!).


Lovys is giving back control to the average customer. Operating mainly within the personal P&C space, their subscription-based, simplified offering (i.e. customers don’t have to answer a smorgasbord of questions) is an intriguing proposition. Backed by Fin TLV, investors in unicorns such as Hippo, Next and Unqork, we’re expecting much more from the Paris-based insurtech and their CEO, Joao Cardoso de Jesus.  

Just Move In 

  • CEO: Tom Old
  • Funding round: Unknown
  • Reported funding: $9.3 million

Once you hear what Tom and his team have built, you’ll probably think “Wow, I definitely could have used that before. We all certainly did. Just Move In is aimed at pretty much anyone involved in moving properties – buyers, sellers, tenants, landlords and property businesses to boot. A certified B-Corp, the platform helps customers transfer bills and most importantly, at least for us, buy insurance. Customers can access different products through a single app-based experience and without having to deal with thousands of new pop up tabs that mess up your carefully curated Safari or Google Chrome algorithm.  


Wallife aren’t messing around. Having only gone through their seed funding round in February, they recently topped up with a further $12 million in July. Their goal is simple: to identify emerging risks. However, their niche is far more fascinating. Wallife protects its customers against risks that originate in the development and improvement of new technologies. Not sure about you, but we hadn’t even started to think about this space’s existence. Given that tech innovation is unlikely to ever slow down, we’re expecting some fascinating things from Wallife in the years to come. 


  • CEO: Nader AlSalim
  • Funding round: Series A
  • Reported funding: $20 million

The most fascinating entrepreneurial stories so often come from personal experience. And Gaia is no different. A graduate of the Lloyd’s lab, Gaia was borne out of founder Nader AlSalim’s experience with the uncertainties of IVF. Similar to Wallife, Gaia is operating in fairly unchartered waters for their market, focusing on protecting against the failure of IVF treatment. With child-rearing starting to take place at later stages in adulthood than previous generations, we expect Gaia to bring more innovations and services to the world of insurance. 


  • CEO: Jihan Abass
  • Funding round: Seed
  • Reported funding: $5.5 million

At ITC we were always going to celebrate the players increasing insurance penetration rates in underinsured areas. And Lami is no exception. Based in Kenya, Lami’s API platform is an end-to-end insurance solution that easily slots into businesses and allows for the rapid distribution of insurance products. Lami is another reason to get excited about Africa’s insurance ecosystem. With very little legacy compared to other markets there is a fantastic opportunity to serve the underserved in ways that other markets haven’t approached yet.  


Another Lloyd’s Lab alumn, Parametrix covers businesses for cloud outages. Hitting on two very relevant hot topics for the contemporary insurance market – cyber and parametric insurance – Jonathan and the team have worked hard on securing some big-hitting partnerships this year. Now shacked up with IMA Financial and Sompo, the team are moving fast to lock down their position in the market, and more’s the power to them! 

FutureProof Technologies 

The climate price signal is broken! An observation by FutureProof Technologies’ team that hits on a key issue for many insurers today. Founded in 2019, FutureProof’s platform allows for carriers to attack an issue which seems to get worse with each passing year. Climate-related catastrophes destroying assets. Not only does this lead to vast sums of money being paid out in claims, customers across both business and personal lines are losing their assets. Alisa and the team are helping insurers pricing strategies by going beyond the traditional veil. Emerging tech in an emerging space? This one we have to see.   


  • CEO: Tobi Taupitz
  • Funding round: Series A 
  • Reported funding: $22.9 million

Laka has fast become one of the go-to insurers in the mobility space. Having recently expanded into the Netherlands (with its almost terrifyingly bike-friendly environment), Laka is bringing its products to both the personal and commercial spaces. Efficient, scalable and highly effective, this particular insurtech makes the insurance experience far more seamless and manageable than previous years. I’d expect a few more partnerships over the next year 


  • CEO: John Warburton
  • Funding round: Series A 
  • Reported funding: $4.8 million

Konsileo is one of the newest faces in the commercial insurance game. Having raised its Series A round this year and a member of the Chartered Insurance Institute, their tech-first approach aims to reinvent broking. Earlier this year the company was named one of Insurance Business’s Fast Brokerages 2022 and if their recent growth is anything to go by, the future looks bright for both Konsileo and broking.   


No prizes for guessing what Quotech helps insurers with (hint: it’s in the name). CEO Guillame has over 20 years’ worth of experience in the insurance industry so comes with a wealth of expertise and nouse that not all insurtech founders have. Of course, the old adage of whether too much experience helps or hinders will remain but for us he gets the seal of approval. Quotech is also backed by Convex who could give anyone a lesson in how to rapidly scale both a team and concept so we feel like we can back this proverbial horse.  

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